Using Rugs with Hardwood Flooring

We got all new hardwood floors in our house. Actually, they were always there. We bought this house after a family was raised in it and the owners wanted to downsize. It had wall-to-wall carpeting in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. We were pulling up some carpeting as part of the home inspection before we bought it and discovered oak plank flooring underneath. The subflooring was never finished. It had a couple of stains in spots where things were spilled on the carpet. It looked great sanded and finished. Now we are looking for rugs for sale. I know, it sounds funny to pull up all the carpeting and then get rugs.

What we wanted was some carpeting next to the beds and underneath the dining room table. I also wanted some throw rugs in the foyer hallway at the front door to catch water and debris on shoes. We were looking for rugs for sale that we could launder. The ones next to the bed would have to be cleaned with a machine, but they were not too big to put out in the sun for deodorizing. I find that sunlight can really freshen up rugs. That UV light works wonders on mold spores that get into everything. They are a natural part of the environment and get into your clothes, beds and everything. It is much easier to control them in rugs than it is in wall-to-wall carpeting.

I never liked the idea of full room carpeting. There is no really good way of keeping it clean. When I clean a hardwood floor, I am getting all the way down to the solid surface. When I launder a rug, the whole thing is put into water. That is, except for the bigger ones next to the beds, but I can at least hang them out in the sun after shampooing them. Rugs, in my opinion, are much better to have if you have allergies than carpeting.

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