The Most Stylish Rug Option for Your Home

Cowhide rugs continue to gain popularity as one of the most practical, stylish and versatile decorative accessories you can include in your home. They can complement almost any type of home décor. They are available in an extensive variety of colors and patterns. In additional to being an affordable luxury, these gorgeous rugs have numerous benefits that make them an appealing accessory for your home.

Easy to Clean

Most people don’t really want to spend their leisure time doing cleaning chores. Finding decorative items for the home that both beautiful and easy to care for is a bonus. Cowhide rugs require minimal cleaning. Under ordinary circumstances, all they need is a trip outside for a good shaking and you’re finished cleaning them. If something gets spilled on the rug, spot cleaning with warm water is all that’s needed.

Decorative versatility

Cowhide rugs can be incorporated into the décor in any room of your home. Being hypo-allergenic, they are a good choice of rug for a child’s room, family room or bedroom. They can elevate the beauty of a dining room or be a surprise element in a kitchen décor. In addition to being a luxurious rug, they can be used as a wall hanging, a covering for the bed, draped across a chair or sofa or hung on a stair rail or banister. A unique characteristic of these rugs is their ability to be used as home décor throughout the year. They make a warm bed covering, yet they retain a coolness that makes them a great home accessory in the summertime. They are an all-season functional and decorative accessory.

Creative Uses for a Cowhide Rug

A cowhide rug can be used in unexpected ways. It would be an ideal part of a wedding party décor. It would blend in nicely with a rustic, cowboy or country theme. These versatile rugs also have the unique ability to also complement an elegant or sophisticated wedding party theme. After the party, you can delight and impress the newlyweds by giving them the rug as a wedding gift. One of these exquisite rugs would be an impressive gift for the newlyweds. If you’re planning a summertime cookout, barbecue or some other type of outdoor party, you can bring your cowhide rug out to the party. Metallic cowhide brings an unexpected sparkle and a touch of whimsy to any type of party. You can place a cowhide across a wooden picnic table or coffee table, cover the top of a whiskey barrel with it or hang in across a porch rail to help set the mood for a rustic or country theme party.

DIY Projects for Your Basement Remodel

Are you ready to turn your basement to an additional room in your home that you can actually use? There are various DIY home improvement projects that you can consider. Depending on what you want to do with your basement will determine which DIY home improvement project to go with. There are plenty of options for changing up the look of your basement. Some people turn their basements into nurseries, playrooms, game rooms, bedroom or just an extra living space. Of course, your options don’t stop there.

If you’re looking to do a DIY home improvement basement reformation that involves turning your basement into an area that your kids can have fun in, you’ll need to buy plenty of fun and games. First, you have to consider the best items to get for the experience you want the children to have. Will it have more of an educational atmosphere or fun-time atmosphere? You could even have a combination of both. For instance, you can buy video game consoles with educational video games, have shelves with board games, and a bookcase filled with children’s books.

Maybe you want your DIY home improvement project to consist of making your basement into a room for the big kids. You can place a couch, flat panel television, coffee table and even a mini-bar. It could be a place for you and your spouse to have alone time or to host mini gatherings.

Choosing the best paint for the walls of your DIY home improvement project all depends on the décor that you choose. So if you’ll be setting up the basement for children, you should choose kid-friendly paint, like yellows, light blues and even pale greens. If it will be an area for adults, some of the best colors to choose would be darker blues, greens, reds or even white. You can even paint the walls different colors. You can even get artsy and paint designs or put up borders. Of course, your paint should match with the furniture that you buy.

Don’t forget about the flooring. Likely your basement doesn’t have the best looking floors, so you can choose between having new carpet or hardwood floors installed. You can also choose different forms of tile if wood and carpet aren’t the best ideas.

When deciding to do a DIY home improvement to your basement, you’ll need to consider what you can do on your own and what areas would require a professional. This will help you to determine the costs. You should write down everything you want modified in your basement, and then figure out the costs for materials. Then determine what portions of this DIY home improvement project you’re able to do on your own. Whatever you’re unable to do, you can call professionals to find the best quotes.

Overall, you may find this to be the best DIY home improvement project you’ll partake in. There’s so much room for creativity when it comes to redesigning basements. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with for your DIY home improvement basement project.

If you’re looking for supplies for your DIY projects, you can find coupons on Groupon for Home Depot. There are also thousands of other merchants on there with deals on products and services, including Ulta Beauty, Vitacost and Walmart.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Money When It Comes To Interior Design

If you have always been interested in decorating people’s homes, this is the right article for you! You just need some information and that can take you that much closer to understanding home design for the long-term.

Fine art is a great investment for any room. One great piece of art can be the grand focal point of a room. In addition, a painting can provide you with a focal point that is the basis for the rest of your decorating. Continue reading How To Make The Most Out Of Your Money When It Comes To Interior Design

Discover The Interior Design Secrets Of The Pros

interior1Interior design is quite exciting. People start thinking about swatches, large rolls of fabric, and all new flooring. But you don’t have to do everything at once. Ahead are some changes that, when made, will begin to enhance your living space.

Pick the mood that you want a room to convey before beginning the design process. Moods can be bold and outrageous or calm and soothing. Thinking of the mood theme before beginning will help you choose the theme of the room, and it ends up giving the room cohesion.

Picking the right colors is essential for every design project. Understand the proper colors to use depending on which room you choose to renovate. Avoid using a lot of bold colors in a single room.

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Creating A Check List For Home Renovations

home-improvement1If you are unfamiliar with home improvement, the prospect of performing these types of projects can be overwhelming. Home improvement is a key part to owning a home. If you’re not sure what to do with your plans for home improvement, then you have started reading the right article.

Use a porch light with a motion sensor to cut down on your electric bill. It can be switched on manually and the sensitivity can be adjusted on several models.

Before you begin your next home improvement project, ask for help from friends and family members. If you wait to ask for help when you have already begun the project, it might be to late for people to commit. Without this help, it may be difficult to finish up in the time you desire.

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Using Rugs with Hardwood Flooring

We got all new hardwood floors in our house. Actually, they were always there. We bought this house after a family was raised in it and the owners wanted to downsize. It had wall-to-wall carpeting in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. We were pulling up some carpeting as part of the home inspection before we bought it and discovered oak plank flooring underneath. The subflooring was never finished. It had a couple of stains in spots where things were spilled on the carpet. It looked great sanded and finished. Now we are looking for rugs for sale. I know, it sounds funny to pull up all the carpeting and then get rugs. Continue reading Using Rugs with Hardwood Flooring